6 Mini Fully Automatic Farms (Small and cheap!) – Minecraft

6 Mini Fully Automatic Farms (Small and cheap!) – Minecraft

>6 Farms in Minecraft which run without you being close to them or doing anything as long as the chunks are loaded. They are cheap and easy to build, but produce items very slowly.

1. Cacti
2. Sugarcane (http://redd.it/2e9sdc)
3. Pumpkins and melons (http://redd.it/2k9xwk)
4. Bread, carrots, potatoes
5. Chicken (http://redd.it/2wmv5w)
6. Eggs

The video was inspired by http://redd.it/2wqcp8 . I had my own ideas for very small farms, but TheRedStoner101 managed to find even smaller designs 🙂
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