AFK Farming Tutorial (How to use AFK Farms) – Minecraft

AFK Farming Tutorial (How to use AFK Farms) – Minecraft

>This video will teach you how to AFK farm in Minecraft, allowing you to farm items that usually take you a lot of repetitive work (fishing, farming snow, etc.)

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Key combinations & tricks:
* All OS
– Put something heavy on the keys that you want to be pressed to make them stuck. You can also remap keys (for example, change the mouse keys to keys on the keyboard) to make it easier to make the keys stuck.

* Windows
– F3+P to disable Minecraft going to the main menu when you switch to another window. After that, hold as many buttons as you need and press F11 (go into fullscreen), you can press F11 again to go out of fullscreen. Press ALT+Tab or Win+Tab to switch to a different window.

* Mac – 05:21
– Fn + F3 + P, F3, Fn + F11
At Fn + F3 + P, you have to release your mouse while switching to desktop / another program

At Fn + F11, you have to release your mouse right after movements start happening.

* Linux & others
– Try using the tricks above! 😉

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