Colorful Slimes (Texture Pack)

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Colorful Slimes This texture pack adds an additional 15 colors of slimes to Minecraft.

What slime colors are there?

The colors are the same that sheep have, which are: White, Orange, Magenta, Light Blue, Yellow, Lime, Pink, Gray, Light Gray, Cyan, Purple, Blue, Brown, Green, Red, Black Colored Slime in Minecraft

How does the colorful slimes resource pack work?

After enabling the texture pack, there are no extra steps to take.

Changing slime color with name tag Slimes have a random color by default, however you can modify the color manually by setting the name of the slime to a color of your choice from the list above. Magenta Slime in Minecraft

Download Colorful Slimes Texture Pack

You can download the colorful slimes resource pack by clicking here.

How to install it ?

Rainbow Slimes In Minecraft, go to Options -> Resource Packs -> Open Pack Folder. Drag and drop the .zip file of the Colorful Slimes resource pack that you downloaded into the folder that just opened. You should then see it in the available list on the left and you can press the play button (or arrow) to run it.

You need to install Optifine for the resource pack to work.

Make sure that Video Settings -> Quality -> Random Entities is set to ON.


This texture pack was made by TheAlexDAM, his original texture pack is called Sixteen Colors of Slime. I just made a few small modifications to make it work with name tags.