Minecraft in Minecraft Stop Motion Animation in 360 degrees – Minecraft

Minecraft in Minecraft Stop Motion Animation in 360 degrees – Minecraft

>A Minecraft stop motion animation that consists of Minecraft block textures of… Minecraft.. in 360 degrees! 😮 Use your WASD keys or try dragging the video around to move. Make sure to look around! 😀
You can also try using a virtual reality headset 🙂

Another stop motion video that was made with the same technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTcrEkhOlGA&list=PLIRR9clro4hRjpNnI46YvEon4oeWbJRV4

Recorded with the ReplayMod: http://replaymod.com
4320×2160 resolution (source), 4096×2048 (output) 30FPS
Each frame is 270×135 in blocks, which is 36,450 blocks in total!
3259 frames in total, so 118,790,550 blocks in total in the whole animation.
It took around 5 hours to make, 4 of which were spent on trying to get it to work and testing. Most of the work is done automatically with the help of programs and scripts for them.

Video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUoI5UNXDNM&list=PLIRR9clro4hRjpNnI46YvEon4oeWbJRV4

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Vexento – Abstract Reality

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