Multiple TNT in 1 Command (Generator)

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If you’ve ever dreamed of going to space in Minecraft, what better tool exists than TNT? By stacking multiple TNT in the same spot you can make them explode at the same time and combine their explosion power to send you off very far into the Minecraft space, to see what is up there and how is life there – maybe there’s some sky dimension there? We will be finding out exactly that. Of course, you can make the command manually, but I’ve written this handy multiple TNT generator, that will help us for the task that we have today:

Multiple TNT Command Generator

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  1. The maximum command block command length is 32500. The generator will tell you the length of your new command next to the Generate button, if the value is in red – your command is too long.
  2. Using the Fuse attribute will shorten the maximum command length (more info on that further in the article).
  3. The maximum Amount and Fuse values are 3606 and 32767 respectively. Using values higher than these will not work – they will be automatically reduced to the maximum allowed values.

How to summon multiple TNT in one command

To summon multiple TNT in Minecraft at once, in 1 command and in the same spot, you can use the following /summon command:

summon area_effect_cloud ~ ~1 ~ {Passengers:[{id:tnt},{id:tnt},{id:tnt},{id:tnt},{id:tnt}]}

This command will create an Area Effect Cloud, which will disappear instantly – it is used as a placeholder to make sure all of the TNT is spawned in the same spot. The Passengers part of the command, in the example above, contains 5 TNT entities. So, effectively, this will summon 5 TNT at the same spot, at the same time and in just one single command.

I’ve provided a list of a few common commands to summon a lot of TNT in Minecraft below. Commands that summon TNT as blocks will create TNT structures – towers, cubes, etc. that you can set off yourself, and commands that create TNT as entities will summon A LOT of ignited TNT at the same time which will explode immediately. In both cases, beware of lag. I’m not responsible if your computer turns into a toaster ;)

Video Tutorial

How to summon 1000 TNT in Minecraft

as blocks

/fill ~1 ~ ~1 ~10 ~9 ~10 tnt

as entities

How to summon 2000 TNT in Minecraft

as blocks

/fill ~1 ~ ~1 ~10 ~19 ~10 tnt

as entities

Command to summon 10000 TNT in Minecraft

as blocks

/fill ~1 ~ ~1 ~10 ~99 ~10 tnt

as entities

Note: Because the command for 10000 TNT is too large to work with Minecraft, the command below contains 3333 TNT only, so you need to run this command thrice – it does not fit in a regular command block otherwise. It’s also almost guaranteed to crash your world.

How much TNT can you summon in 1 command?

If talking about the maximum amount of TNT you can spawn in with just one command, the number comes to 3606! Be warned, though – your computer definitely won’t like it.

You can squeeze in 2 extra TNT by using a tnt at the beginning instead of an Area Effect Cloud, this will allow you to summon 3607 TNT at once, but I don’t prefer using this method, because the first TNT will spawn below the rest of the TNT, so it’s not exactly perfect, but if you’re looking for a world record, this is the way to go.

On the other hand, it is possible for the command to fit less TNT – if you set the Fuse attribute to any other value other than the default 0 there are extra characters added to each TNT entity, which can reduce the amount of entities you can fit in the command by quite a bit! For example, with the Fuse value set to anywhere from 1 to 9 (single digit number), the maximum amount of TNT that can fit will be just 2028, which is about 44% less than if you were to use the default value of 0!

For 2 digit numbers from 10 to 99 Fuse, the maximum amount of TNT is reduced to 1909.

The multiple TNT command generator will tell you the length of your command next to the Generate button after you create your one command to /summon multiple TNT. If the value is in red, it means that the command is over the maximum command block command length of 32500.

How many TNT entities can you summon at the same time ?

And if you’re wondering about the limits of TNT that you can spawn in – there isn’t really one, you can just paste in the command with thousands of TNT into multiple command blocks and have them summon it all in the same spot and at the same time. So, with just 5 command blocks you’d get 18K TNT sumoned at once in your Minecraft world, but of course, the question is – can your computer handle it?

Of course, you can place way more than just 5 command blocks – 50 command blocks will summon 180K TNT,

  • 5001.8M,
  • 5K - 18M,
  • 50K180M,
  • 500K1.8B

and so on and so forth ;)