Passenger Planes Recreated in Minecraft – Minecraft

Passenger Planes Recreated in Minecraft – Minecraft

>21 passenger planes (+1 bonus, find it in the video) recreated in Minecraft. These are real life airliners that are used daily and fly today.

If you want to see more planes, as well as get the world downloads to the airliners demonstrated in the video, check out:
F’n’A Gaming –

Timestamps for all the planes in the video:
00:00 Airbus A318 (British Airways)
01:21 Boeing 777-300ER (Air France)
01:53 Airbus A319 (American Airlines)
02:18 Airbus A319neo (Avianca)
02:49 Airbus A318 (Air France)
03:19 Airbus A320 (JetBlue)
03:49 Airbus A320neo (Thai AirAsia)
04:19 Airbus A321 (Lufthansa)
04:48 Airbus A330-200 (Iberia)
05:19 Airbus A340-500 (Thai Airways)
05:48 Airbus A350-1000 (Cathay Pacific)
06:19 Airbus A380-800 (Malaysia Airlines)
06:49 Boeing 737-700 Gold (Southwest)
07:19 Boeing 747-8F (UPS)
07:50 Boeing 757-200 (TUI UK(Thomson))
08:19 Boeing 757-300 (Delta Air Lines)
08:49 Boeing 767-400ER (United Airlines)
09:19 Boeing 777-200ER/LR (Delta)
09:49 Boeing 787-9 (Qantas)
10:19 Airbus A220 Bombardier CSeries (Swiss)

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Hey guys, I’m NiceMark and today I have a collection of commercial passenger planes built in Minecraft. These are real life planes that do actually exist. The one I’m currently exploring is the Airbus A318 operated by British Airways. The planes are commercial, so each airline paints the plane how they want and that’s what we’re going to take a look at today.

Since these are real life airliners, I’ll also include a photo so you guys can compare it to the version in Minecraft.

All of these were built by F’n’A Gaming, he has a channel on YouTube where right now he posts just planes, make sure to check him out to see more.

All of the links are going to be in the description, and by following the links to his videos you’ll be able to get more information about the planes, as well as the world downloads.

My commentary ends here because there’s not much for me to say, just look at the video and see for yourself. If you’re looking for a specific plane, I’ve got the time codes in the description which you can skip to if you’re interested in a specific plane or airline.

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British Airways, G-EUNB, Airbus A318-112 –,_G-EUNB,_Airbus_A318-112_(20180857845).jpg

Air France, Boeing 777-300ER –

American Airlines, Airbus A319 –

Avianca, Airbus A319neo –

Air France, Airbus A318 –

JetBlue, Airbus A320 –

Thai AirAsia, Airbus A320neo –

Lufthansa, Airbus A321 –

Iberia, Airbus A330-200 –

Thai Airways, Airbus A340-500 –

Cathay Pacific, Airbus A350-1000 –

Malaysia Airlines, Airbus A380-800 –

Southwest, Boeing 737-700 (Gold) –

UPS, Boeing 747-8F –

TUI UK (Thomson), Boeing 757-200 –

Delta Air Lines, Boeing 757-300 –

United Airlines, Boeing 767-400ER –

Delta, Boeing 777-200ER/LR –

Qantas, Boeing 787-9 –

Swiss, Airbus A220 (Bombardier CSeries) –


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