Redstone Lamp BUD (1.11+) – Minecraft

Redstone Lamp BUD (1.11+) – Minecraft

>The Redstone Lamp BUD is back in Minecraft! Make your redstone creations fancier by hiding your piston BUD or observer block with a lamp. Wall, floor and ceiling versions included! 🙂

I’ve worked on this block update detector 4 years ago and I’m glad it’s finally back in the game. I assume the reason it got “fixed” in the first place is that lamps were causing updates to surrounding blocks and therefore causing lag. Since the lamp BUD wasn’t a significant thing it stayed broken for 3 years before coming back to life in its original form.
Of course, there were designs of the redstone lamp BUD that managed to work despite the “fix”, but they weren’t really efficient and you wouldn’t use them normally due to the burden of maintaining them. Well, that is no longer the case – it’s back! 😀

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My first version of the lamp BUD –

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