Removed Crafting Recipes – Minecraft

Removed Crafting Recipes – Minecraft

>Here are a couple of removed crafting recipes in Minecraft, that used to be in the game, but later on got removed (and are now part of Minecraft history). The items instead got other ways of obtaining them.

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Horse armor’s crafting recipe was removed in a snapshot of Minecraft 1.6.1. You used to be able to craft it by placing wool in the middle of the crafting table and filling in the rest but the top 2 squares from the left of the crafting box with iron or gold ingots; or diamonds. In the same snapshot, 13w18a, which removed the recipe, the new way to obtain horse armor was to find it in a chest in a blacksmith’s house in a village, a dungeon, a nether fortress, a stronghold altar room, or in a jungle or desert temple. You can now also find it in the End city. It’s important to note that you can still craft leather horse armor, but the other variants cannot be crafted this way unless you are playing Bedrock edition.

Chainmail armor, or chain armor (as it was called at that time) used to be able to be craftable using fire. However, since a snapshot of Minecraft 1.8 fire didn’t exist anymore as an item, so no matter what you tried you weren’t able to hold it in your inventory anymore. Now it can be obtained via other means, similar to the horse armor.

And finally, the last on the list is the enchanted golden apple. It was probably the most expensive recipe in the game, requiring 8 blocks of gold. You would craft it by placing the blocks around an apple on the crafting table. The recipe was removed in a snapshot of Minecraft 1.9 and it is now obtained via other ways.

So, there are in total 3 crafting recipes that were removed from Minecraft. This number is suspiciously low, but I couldn’t think of or find other crafting recipes that were in the game at some point in time and were removed later. If you know of any, do let me know the in comments.

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