Slimestone T-Shirt (EST Date)

This is a t-shirt for everybody that likes slime block creations or is a slimestoner (person that makes slime block creations). It features the date of slime blocks being added to the game.

When did slime blocks get added to Minecraft?

Slime blocks got added to Minecraft on January 9, 2014 in a snapshot of Minecraft 1.8. It was the first snapshot of the year, as well as the first snapshot of Minecraft 1.8.

Where can I buy a slimestone shirt?

A slimestone (Slime block) T-Shirt can be purchased on Amazon (click me).

What is slimestone?

Slimestone is slime block creations in Minecraft. It’s faster and easier to say it rather than saying “mechanism that uses slime blocks” or “slime block creations”.

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