Stop Motion Minecraft Animations Tutorial (Without opening Minecraft) – Minecraft

Stop Motion Minecraft Animations Tutorial (Without opening Minecraft) – Minecraft

>This tutorial is going to teach you how to make Minecraft stop motion animations without opening Minecraft.

Links and more information below:
Spritecraft (Full) –
Script –
Note Block Studio –
Split gifs into frames online –

TL;DR version of the tutorial:
1. Split animation into separate frames
2. Convert them with Spritecraft
3. Paste the images from Spritecraft in a video editor
Optional steps:
4. Make/convert a song with the help of Note Block Studio.
5. Add song to the video

How to import the animation in MC and use command block magic which is going to play the animation in a Minecraft world:
1. Instead of running the script, manually convert all of the frames into schematics (open Spritecraft).
2. Import all of the schematics into a world with the help of MCEdit ( )
3. Create clone commands that clone the frames into one specific spot
4. Run the commands on a clock

Videos made using this trick:
Nyan Cat –
Remove Kebab –
Bad Apple –
Epic Sax Guy –

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