Tutorial: Potions & Brewing Recipes – Minecraft

Tutorial: Potions & Brewing Recipes – Minecraft

>In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make every single potion in game and their recipes as of Minecraft 12w05b. Also you will learn what tools you need & how to craft them.

TURN YOUR ANNOTATIONS ON – you will be able to see buttons which will help you navigate & allow you to quickly find the recipe for the potion you need.

I have made this video based on information from:
Minecraft Wiki – Brewing – http://www.minecraftwiki.net/
Potion Craft – Visual Guide – http://potioncraft.net/

I have added a small easter egg in the video, if you find it, post it in the comments. Make sure to include the time code (0:00).

First song: “Potion Shop”, by Matt McFarland
Second: “Time flies by”, also by Matt McFarland
You can download & listen to these songs as well as to other awesome royalty free music at his website: http://www.mattmcfarland.com/

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