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>Here are the unused secret mobs that are currently in Minecraft. You can’t encounter them normally and while some of them are available via spawn eggs in the creative mode, others need a command to be spawned in.

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The skeleton horse used to be unused, along with the zombie horse. They spent this time together for 2 years until a snapshot of Minecraft 1.9, where the skeleton horse got added into the game and could be spawned without commands or creative mode via skeleton traps.

The most recent unused mob is the Illusioner. It’s an illager mob that uses a bow. It was added in early 2017 in the snapshot 17w16a and is probably going to make it into the game soon, but currently you can only spawn it in with commands. The command for the Illusioner mob is: “/summon illusioner”. It will attack players, iron golems, villagers and wandering traders within 12 blocks if a raid occurs. This mob uses cheat codes because it can see through walls. It attacks with its bow, but it also has spells that it uses on its enemies. It casts a blidness spell by raising its arms and making a sound, along with a black smoke particle effects. It casts this spell on new opponents once, the effect lasts for 20 seconds.

The Killer Bunny (also previously known as The Killer Rabbit) is a deadly mob that will try to kill you at first sight. It deals 4 full hearts of damage with 1 hit and it is not affected by the thorns enchantment. It moves similarly to the spider mob in Minecraft and is faster than a normal bunny.

The Giant is the last and probably the least out of this “collection”. It’s just a giant zombie that sits there and does nothing.

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