Wooden Door Trap – Minecraft

Wooden Door Trap – Minecraft

>A trap in Minecraft that kills the player that tries to open the door. It uses TNT, but you can also use this with lava, or a pitfall, or even just as an input, instead of a trap. Read more about it further in the description.

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The trap that I’ve shown at the beginning and the one in the tutorial are a little bit different. The first one is unreliable, because it involves the player walking into the TNT minecarts and pushing them, which causes them to explode. If the player waits a second before going through the door, they will notice the TNT minecarts, and the TNT minecarts will not explode. In the second design (the one in the tutorial) the minecarts fall onto a powered rail and then hit a block (100% success chance). If you want to build the first design anyway, use fences instead of chests (and using 3 TNT minecarts instead of 2 is recommended).

*Other uses*
If you want to use lava or something else to kill the player, you can simply put 1 minecart on top of the door and instead of the powered rail put a detector rail at the bottom. The minecart will drop on the rail when the door is opened and you can take an output from that. I’m not exactly sure what you could do with that. Maybe a system that detects when/if someone opened your door (but that player will also know)?

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*Why I didn’t use a BUD (block update detector)*
Mojang made it so doors don’t cause block updates anymore (since 1.5, I believe). I didn’t find any information about this and it doesn’t seem like the developers said anything about it at all. I’m not sure why they did it, but that change killed a lot of redstone creations (again), including the lamp BUD.

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