1 Command Generator 1.14, 1.15+

What does the 1 command generator do?

This tool combines your Minecraft commands into one command. This is useful as an alternative to datapacks, allowing you to execute multiple commands at once, which you normally can’t do easily unless you use an .mcfunction file. It does this by summoning an activator rail falling block with command block minecarts as passengers: while the activator rail is in its falling block state, it is considered an entity, so you can add the “Passengers” tag to it and add your commands in command block minecarts. The activator rail will fall on the command block and become a “real” activator rail block and since you powered the command block already, it will become activated. Then the command block minecarts will follow, falling on the activator rail and immediately executing commands. The cool thing about it is that the commands are accurately executed in any order you want, so everything will be generated pretty much the same way as if you manually entered the commands into chat or a command block one by one.

There are also a few extra actions that need to be performed to clean up the mess, the generator already takes care of that and removes the structure and command block minecarts after your one command creation has finished generating.

What are one command creations?

One command creations in Minecraft have been gaining popularity for some time, but with datapacks added to Minecraft, the need for single command creations diminished. Nonetheless, they are still cool and useful for simple command block stuff because datapacks need to be downloaded and pasted into the datapack folder of your Minecraft save folder, which can take a long time to locate when you can just copy & paste the one command.


Enter your commands here:




Tutorial Video

For more information, watch the tutorial video here:


I’ve used this trick before, most notably in skyblock in a command. While datapacks are very useful, one command creations still have a niche to take in the command block world in Minecraft.

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