Skyblock in a command

Skyblock in a command is a project that I’ve published on October 26th, 2014. Every time you wanted to play this popular Minecraft map, you, of course had to download it – it’s a world, after all. I thought that an alternative way to generate it would be cool and easier as you wouldn’t have to look around for the save file on the internet, trying to find the version that you would like to play. Skyblock in a command in Minecraft instead allows you to save the command somewhere, or bookmark this page and use it anytime you want to create a Skyblock map. This has some advantages over a world save file, which I’ll discuss further down in this post. But for now, the commands themselves:

Skyblock in a command

To generate a skyblock map in one command in Minecraft, you have to use one of the following available commands (click):


Since there have been and probably will be changes to the command system in Minecraft, there need to be multiple versions. To make it easy for players that still use the old versions, I’ll create separate pages with the different versions. I may need help with some older versions that I’ve missed and maybe with newer versions too. Of course, as always, all suggestions are always welcome 🙂 I made this for you and would like to keep improving on it.

Advantages of using one command vs a Minecraft world save

  • Easier to store and share. It’s basically just text, so you can easily send it over to your friends or even yourself if you want to use it on another device.
  • Minecraft worlds depend on versions they were made in. If you use a different version of Minecraft than the one the map was made in, the game has to convert it for you. In some cases this can break the world. With a command, you just have to use the right command for your version. If Mojang stops changing the command system, there will no longer be a need to convert anything or download anything new, unless you want to try a different flavor of skyblock in Minecraft. 🙂


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