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Name Tag Tips & Tricks in Minecraft Name tags in Minecraft have some interesting easter eggs, however there are also tips and tricks that you can learn to help you use name tags more efficiently. I couldn’t find more than 10 interesting things, so the list is going to be short - seems like the main interest of this item lies on the easter eggs.

Name Tag Tips & Tricks

A name tag costs 1 experience level to rename, but you can rename multiple name tags at once (up to a stack - 64) for the same cost.

Renaming name tags on an anvil

Any mob, except the ender dragon can be named. Players can’t be named. This leaves the Wither boss as the most interesting target for renaming, the new name will also show up on the boss health bar.

Named Wither Boss

A name tag can be used on an armor stand, but you can’t see the name normally.

Armor stand with a name tag in Minecraft To make the armor stand display its name, add the CustomNameVisible:1b tag. Here’s the command for that:

/data modify entity @e[type=minecraft:armor_stand,limit=1] CustomNameVisible set value 1b

To name a mob “Name Tag” you need to take a fresh name tag, rename it to anything, and rename it back to “Name Tag”. If you skip the extra steps and try to apply the name tag directly, nothing will happen.

A named silverfish that hides in a block will lose its name.

Named Silverfish Minecraft

A baby animal or villager will keep its name when growing up.

Baby axolotl growing up in Minecraft

A named villager keeps its name when transformed into a zombie villager and vice versa.

Zombie villager curing in Minecraft

A named mob will not despawn (except for wandering traders and hostile mobs when the difficutly is set to peaceful).

Named mobs are not counted towards the hostile mob cap.

F3 hostile mob count

If a named mob kills a player, the custom name will be displayed in the death message instead of the mob type.

Named Mob Custom Death Message

Minecraft Name Tag Tips & Tricks (video)