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Slime Tower Generator Want to summon your own slime tower in Minecraft? Here’s a generator that I’ve made that will simplify the process and make the command for you in seconds. You just have to enter some basic parameters, depending on what kind of tower you would like. I haven’t forgotten magma cubes, you can make a tower out of them too!

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How to summon a Giant Slime in Minecraft

Summoning a giant slime in Minecraft is really simple you just have to add the Size NBT tag to your summon command like this:

summon slime ~ ~1 ~ {"Size":5}

This command will create a giant slime with the Size parameter set to 5, which is already quite a big slime, but you can go bigger! Try setting the size to 10, in fact you can set it up to 255!

Types of Slime Towers

A tower out of the slime mob in Minecraft Below is a list of the types of Minecraft slime towers that exist. I’ve also included a command to summon a small tower of 5 slimes with each of the type. If you want to summon a custom taller tower, use the generator.

Slime Tower

Tall Slime Tower This is the most common type of slime towers in Minecraft, it’s basically just slimes stacked on top of each other.


summon slime ~ ~1 ~ {"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"id":"slime","Size":0}],"id":"slime","Size":1}],"id":"slime","Size":2}],"id":"slime","Size":3}],"Size":4}

Magma Cube Tower

Magma Cube Tower Magma cubes deserve love too! Do not forget these cute boiling blobs of magma that jump around the Nether. You can use the generator on this page to generate towers out of them too!


summon magma_cube ~ ~1 ~ {"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"id":"magma_cube","Size":0}],"id":"magma_cube","Size":1}],"id":"magma_cube","Size":2}],"id":"magma_cube","Size":3}],"Size":4}

Mixed Slime Tower

Mixed Slime Magma Cube Tower If you can’t decide on which slime you’d like to make a tower out of, why not make both?


summon slime ~ ~1 ~ {"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"id":"slime","Size":0}],"id":"magma_cube","Size":1}],"id":"slime","Size":2}],"id":"magma_cube","Size":3}],"Size":4}

Fixed Size Tower

Fixed Size Slime Minecraft Tower No size differences, all slimes are of the same size


summon slime ~ ~1 ~ {"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"id":"slime","Size":4}],"id":"slime","Size":4}],"id":"slime","Size":4}],"id":"slime","Size":4}],"Size":4}

Slime Tornado

Slime Tornado A slime tornado in Minecraft is a slime tower, but it goes from the smallest slime at the bottom to the largest at the top, making it look like a tornado. To generate a tower like this, choose the ascending option in the slime tower generator.

Magma Cube Tornado

One of the ways you can make it look like an actual tornado is by putting your newly summoned slime tower into a minecart, or just summon it in a minecart to begin with (do this by replacing the very first slime after “summon” with “minecart” instead). Place this creation onto rails and you will have a moving tornado.

Command (Slime Tornado)

summon slime ~ ~1 ~ {"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"id":"slime","Size":4}],"id":"slime","Size":3}],"id":"slime","Size":2}],"id":"slime","Size":1}],"Size":0}

Command (Magma Cube Tornado)

summon magma_cube ~ ~1 ~ {"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"id":"magma_cube","Size":4}],"id":"magma_cube","Size":3}],"id":"magma_cube","Size":2}],"id":"magma_cube","Size":1}],"Size":0}

Command (Mixed Tornado)

summon slime ~ ~1 ~ {"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"Passengers":[{"id":"slime","Size":4}],"id":"magma_cube","Size":3}],"id":"slime","Size":2}],"id":"magma_cube","Size":1}],"Size":0}