How to make a rainbow sheep? (jeb_ name tag)

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jeb_ sheep

What is a jeb_ sheep?

A jeb_ sheep is a secret easter egg in Minecraft, where a sheep named jeb_ will constantly switch colors.

How to make a rainbow _jeb sheep in Minecraft?

An anvil in Minecraft To make a sheep change colors in Minecraft, you have to take a name tag, rename it to jeb_ on an anvil and apply the name tag on the sheep. This will change the sheep’s name to jeb_ and turn it into a rainbow sheep. You can do this in survival Minecraft and it does not require any mods. It costs 1 level to rename a name tag, so make sure that you get some experience beforehand! jeb_ name tag in Minecraft

Before / After applying jeb_ name tag to a sheep

How to summon a rainbow sheep?

If you want to summon a rainbow sheep, you can do so with a command. This requires your world to have commands enabled or for you to have OP access on the server that you are playing on – you can’t summon it without cheats enabled. To activate the easter egg with a command, we have to create a sheep that already has a name. You can do this with the following command:

/summon sheep ~ ~ ~ {CustomName:"\"jeb_\""}

Rainbow sheep command

How to change normal sheep to rainbow sheep?

If you want to change existing sheep in your world to jeb_ sheep, you have to apply a command that will change their name. You can do this with the following command:

/data merge entity @e[type=sheep,limit=1] {CustomName:"\"jeb_\""}

The Minecraft command above will rename a sheep to jeb_, turning it into a rainbow sheep.

Can a rainbow sheep be upside down?

jeb_ and Dinnerbone name tags combined Can you turn a jeb_ sheep upside down? – It’s possible, but you have to use some command block magic behind the scenes, because it is otherwise not possible. Here’s how to make a rainbow jeb_ sheep upside down at the same time.

What other easter eggs with name tags exist?

Minecraft easter eggs and secrets jeb_ sheep is just one of the name tag easter eggs that exist in Minecraft, I’ve written an article on all name tag secrets and easter eggs in Minecraft, which covers all of them.